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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Lotion Time

Every night, before I climb into my exquisite bed, I pump my most fancied lotion, begin rubbing it between my freshly washed hands, look at my husband and say, "happy lotion time."  After nearly a year of this routine, he typically ignores my silly announcement.  Occasionally, he rolls his eyes and smirks.  Regardless, I still enjoy it ever so much and delight in mentioning it to him.

This lotion is so special, I thought I would introduce you to it through a story.  A fairy tale of sorts......

Once upon a time there was a princess and she was the fairest, fairest of them all.

Okay, okay, I know I'm getting a little carried away already, but it's my fairy tale....

She was recently married to the prince, the handsomest in all the kingdom, and together they had the idea to go on an overnight excursion to the faraway land of St. Louis.  The princess had a weakness for nice hotels in big cities.  For this last minute escape, they found a room at the Hilton in downtown St. Louis for a reasonable price thanks to Priceline.  While the level-headed prince could not quite identify with how badly the princess wanted to stay on the very top floor with a giant window overlooking the brightly lit city, he agreed to call the hotel after making their online reservation and request the highest room the hotel had to offer.  Upon arrival, the princess was tickled pink to find that they were on the next to top level of the hotel.  She could see from the ground that the hotel wasn't very high, but she assured herself that it would be far enough above the majority of town to fulfill her desire to be looking out at downtown on what was a chilly October night.  After the royal couple checked in and found their way to their room, the princess rushed over to the grand window and with great anticipation flung open the curtains.  At that moment all the anticipation she felt was replaced with disappointment.  Every ounce of excitement she had stored up for the spectacular view she'd hoped for was squelched.  It was as if someone had poured a barrel of water on a match.  It was no wonder the curtains were drawn.  There was not a light in sight.  She only saw a dark, gloomy, boring parking garage.  A parking garage which was so close to her window of dreams that had she any adventure and dare left in her spirit, she could've reached out and touched it!  

To cheer the princess from her great disappointment, the prince suggested they take a romantic stroll through the brightly lit downtown to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  After a few lefts and rights, the lovely couple realized they were very lost, no thanks to the prince's phone GPS they were following.  When they finally arrived at dinner, the twosome was so tuckered out, they slumped into their booth and enjoyed an affectionate meal together. 

When the couple arrived back at their hotel room, the princess, frazzled after a long evening, found the complimentary toiletries, La Source by Crabtree & Evelyn, in the bathroom.  Delighted, she decided to take a bath so that she could use them before crawling into her luxurious king sized bed.  That night, the princess enjoyed one of the best nights of sleep she had ever experienced, despite the fact that she could not see the gleaming lights of downtown St. Louis.  The end.....

Sadly, the princess, I mean I don't sleep that well every night.  Nevertheless, I love this stuff and I hope you'll try it, too.  I found mine at Tea Garden Gifts a year ago but, certainly most nice boutiques carry it.  Or, you can always find it online.  However you decide to go about it, get your hands on some and your hands will thank you.


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