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Thursday, July 25, 2013

2 Months of Baby Love

Sugar lips

Two month birthday

Is that a wink?

Sweetie girl was two months old yesterday; where did time go?  She is just as squeaky and snuggly as she was the day she was born.  I am so utterly and completely in love.

First Sunday at Church... She slept the whole way through shhh don't tell.

She weighed 9 pounds a month ago. How's that for updated information? I haven't taken her to a Dr as of yet.  We only know she was 9 lbs because she graced the ER with her presence as soon as Lollee arrived in South Africa.  She had cried and screamed all day and we decided while around decent healthcare we ought to get her checked out.  Ever since her umbilical cord fell off when she was less than 2 days old, her belly button hadn't looked right.  The day she spent wailing we noticed it was looking even worse.  Infection is sort of a nightmare for a mom so we headed back up to the hospital where she was born.  Anyways, turns out she has an umbilical hernia and we hope it will resolve itself before she's three so she doesn't require surgery.  I don't know if it has anything to do with her cord coming off so early - doubt  it.  Either way, the Dr said it shouldn't be causing her any pain and it didn't really seem to be as she wasn't any worse off when we messed with it.  Apparently she just had a terrible belly ache.  But. at least we know and were able to see what she weighed. :)

Afternoon snuggles watch Green Gables with Lollee and Lacy

Her rolls seem to multiply daily and I love it.  Kyle wasn't this round at this age so I find myself just squeezing her thighs to smile at how squishy she is.  She has the softest head of hair and so far is hasn't come out.  Here's to hoping it won't.  It is getting thicker and I even managed to get a bonified bow in it.  I love dressing her up and wish I could find more bows out here but alas I'll have to keep looking.  I have put away almost all of her newborn clothes and we're moving into 0-3 months.  She's rocking cloth diapers which make her bum ginormous so the poofier the pants, the better.

Boots to match Mama

She still eats all the time but we're down to one feeding in the night.  Usually she wakes up at between 2-3 to eat and then sleeps again until 6 and again until 7 or 730.  It is nice to have the feeding equipment attached because it means I only have to brave the cold house for a bathroom run before returning to the still warm bed.  I'm downing a minimum of 1.5 liters of water a day and Ellee is not going hungry.  By the time the sun comes up she's really feisty and so ready to prop up and watch the world.  So, I set her head on my shoulder and sometimes keep dozing until Big Brother waltzes in the room.  She is still sleeping with me and I don't mind it too much.  My shoulders sort of ache from how I have to position myself but oh well.  I sleep well knowing she is warm.  She does grunt an awful lot but I think I've gotten so used to it I don't notice it anymore.  Plus by that time I'm so tired I could almost fall asleep standing up.
Saying bye to Lollee and Lacy at the airport

Smiles and coos are increasing more and more and we have a blast interacting with her.  I love hearing her little gurgly voice.  Jonathan and I have decided that if she ends up chattering as much as Big Brother does, neither he nor I will never get a word in again.  Kyle insists on holding her often and smothers her head with kisses.  She tolerates that for a bit before voicing her disapproval of her hair being smeared with sticky boy face.  Such a girl.

Morning cuddles with Big Brother

I cherish her like the treasure she is.  Happy two months my sweetie girl.  You are a delight!