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Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Night Fun

While most people my age are out doing who knows what on a Friday night, I'm at home waiting for bath time.  At times I think about how different my life could be if I wasn't already a wife and a mother.  I have no desire for that freedom people talk about.  I don't feel tied down or like I'm missing out.  Quite the opposite in fact, I can't imagine life could be any sweeter than this.

 Jonathan cracks me up with how he records things for Kyle to watch.  I'm not convinced that these recordings aren't as much for Jono as they are for Kyle.  Inevitably I'll find some Looney Tunes or a Disney waiting for us in the morning.  For the last few days, we have been working our way through Charlotte's Web.  I absolutely love this classic movie.  

To say that Kyle likes his daddy is a hilarious understatement.  He lights up the second he lays eyes on Jonathan.  Maybe he notices that they look exactly alike.  More likely he has made the connection between Daddy and fun!  Jonathan loves playing with him, talking with him, singing to him or just sitting with him watching a movie.

It is now bath time.  Goodnight, moon!



  1. so glad you posted about them looking exactly alike. Think that each and every time I see a picture of the two of them together. Charlotte's Web is such a little jewel:) So filled with smiles to see someone enjoy their child as we did all of ours at that age:):) blessings

  2. It's no wonder Caleb calls him Jonfun.

  3. What a cutie! He is getting big. miss ya!