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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Hi, I'm Kyle St.Clair.  I've been occupying almost all of Mommy's time for the past 12 weeks, that's why she hasn't blogged.  Forgive her, I'm a lot of work.  But, she loves me! We have lots of fun together everyday, but today was extra special.  Mommy and Daddy took me to the zoo in Peoria!  I got to meet all kinds of animals.  Wanna see?

Well, actually, first we went to Olive Garden so Mommy and Daddy could eat lunch.  I'm not sure why we always have to go find a place to eat, order the food and then wait for it to be cooked.  My food is always very close by, the perfect temperature and it's ready whenever I want it.  Oh well, I guess not everyone is as lucky as me.  So, after I ate my lunch, I waited for my parents to eat theirs.  I was a very good little boy, talking quietly as they ate and dozing a little bit.

After they finished (finally, they took even longer than I do, and I am not a fast eater by any means), we drove to the zoo.  By the time we got there, it was time for me to eat again.  I like eating.  I think I heard Mommy tell me I "take after Daddy", whatever that means.  Here I am, all full and ready to explore the zoo.

This meerkat looks like he's dead.  But, don't worry, he isn't.  My mommy watched very closely to see if he was breathing or not, and he was.  She is so smart.

We got to watch the zookeepers feed the meerkats.  They eat goldfish.  Did you know that?  I didn't know that until today.  They were fighting each other for their food.  I'm glad I don't have to fight anyone for my food.

The snakes were a little bit scary, so we didn't spend much time looking at them.  My daddy really doesn't like snakes.  Neither does my mommy.  So, I guess that means I shouldn't either.

My daddy is so silly.  He is always drinking from this blue can.  He doesn't let me have any, so I tried to trick him by suggesting a trade.  He fell for the deal and took my paci, but I still didn't get any Pepsi. 

There were so many choices.  I'm glad I didn't have to decide where we went.  I just went with the flow, as they say.  I guess the flow took us to:

Yay, Africa!  I love the safari!

By the time we got through the safari, I was getting very sleepy.  Mommy and Daddy put me in my stroller so I could take a nap.

While I slept, we passed a little spot where my parents had their picture taken when they were newly engaged.  That was a long time before I came along.  See how much younger they looked back then:

And here they are today:

(Mommy doesn't know why the pictures look so pixely but she says if you click on them, they are much clearer.)

I'm glad they got married.

We also passed the tigers and a sleeping camel while I was napping.  I am sad that I missed them, but Mommy showed me the pictures. 

My Mommy is shorter than an emu.  I think that is funny.  I saw an emu today but, we didn't take a picture of it.

I like hanging out at the zoo with my parents.

See you next time!