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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 Month Baby

Every month birthday calls for a celebration!  This month is no exception.  Today for Kyle's big 5 month birthdayday we went to Chick Fil A to see Daddy and eat an ice cream cone.  Lacking any teeth, Kyle couldn't exactly eat all of it, so I had to help him out a little.  I'm sure it tasted a lot different from the Mommy milk he's used to but, he seemed to enjoy what little he could slurp up.

LOVE that tongue!

I love my 5 month baby more today than I did the day I met him.  He is such a precious gift and I cherish this sweet time with him.  It's hard to believe that before long he'll start eating real people food and I won't be his sole source of nutrition.  Until then, a little lick of ice cream here and there will do.


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