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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Just so you don't think that this whole blog revolves around my cooking, sewing and mothering, I thought I'd post a little about my feelings regarding Kenya.  We have contacted Africa Inland Mission and have filled out preliminary applications.  This weekend we have our first interview with a couple in the Atlanta area.  We are looking forward to meeting this couple we've been in contact with for weeks now.

I am thrilled and terrified all at once.  Thrilled because I am so ready to know what the Lord has in store for us.  Thrilled because I believe so strongly in the ministry of training national pastors to do the work of the ministry in their own tribes and speaking their heart languages.  Giddy because I see how excited my dear husband is at this prospect.  Excited because I see it as a challenge.  Yet, I'm terrified because it seems so unknown.  Scared because it is so far away.  Nervous because the culture and way of life is so vastly different from my own.  Apprehensive because I don't want to go through the whole process of joining an organization only to be turned down again.

At times I sit and rock my baby and think about what life would be like raising our children on the savanna.  I wonder about what kind of creepy crawling critters Kyle could come running into my house with if he has Africa for a backyard.  Would he like living there?  Would he ever know any different?

Will you pray with us that God would swing these doors wide open?  Ask that He would allow us to to be accepted by AIM.  Pray that God will calm my fears and increase my joy as I think and dream of moving to Kenya.  Call on the Lord on our behalf that He would answer our prayers and lead us to serve Him at Moffat Bible College in Kijabe, Kenya.

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  1. Abby. Keep walking with Jesus. :) Africa? You'll love it. LOVE it. Just. Keep. Walking. xoxox