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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Day at the Farm

Yesterday for lunch we went out to our friends' farm for lunch.  Mrs. Shirley, our pastor's mother, invited us out so that Kyle could meet the pony and her new barn kittens.  We had a great time exploring and adoring these sweet little fur balls at the same time.

Mrs. Shirley loves her kitties and if purring is any indicator, the feeling is mutual.  

Pretty soon Mrs. Shirley started pulling tiny fuzzy kittens out of the corner of that old feeding trough.  They were so precious!  At about ten days old, their little meews were so quiet and shy and they felt like cotton in my palm.  They smelled sweetly of hay.  Kyle was very intrigued by them, naturally, but was mostly content to just sit and watch them.

Mama Kitty was pacing around, climbing in and out of the trough where she keeps her babies as we were holding and stroking her treasures; she didn't settle back down until we returned all her kittens to her.  All five of them, barely able to walk, scooted right up next to her and began nursing vigorously.  Mama Kitty was purring contentedly as her babies continued to meew and paw at her belly.  I know the feeling.  This is her first liter of kittens and she is highly protective of them.  Rightfully so, they still need their mama.

When they finished their mid-afternoon snack, Mama Kitty left her babies all cuddled up together in a ball and ventured out to spend more time with Daddy Kitty and her visitors.  What a gracious hostess.

Obviously these kitties are very much in love.  Something about your first child(ren) does that for you.  So sweet!  They didn't stop cuddling the whole time we were there.

Mama and Daddy Kitty share the barn with a horse and a pony who greeted us kindly when we arrived. Of course, Kyle loved riding the pony!  Come to think of it, he probably would've stayed on the farm if I would have let him.  

Riding the pony....

Our afternoon was completed by a swing from the tree.  Nothing quite says "country" like a tree swing. 

On our walk back to the house, the kitties followed us all the way.  Mr. Ed said that was the first time he'd ever seen them follow anyone the whole way from the barn to the house.  I suppose they didn't want us to leave as much as I didn't want to go!  



  1. Oh my goodness. Love the first pic! Bring me that Siamese! :-)

  2. Thanks for taking us along on the adventure! I am a cat lover and Yes, the purring is a sign of contentment & love! Great day! Love to all! PaPa (& Grammy)