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Friday, September 16, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

After dinner tonight, we packed our little family up and went over to my parents' to use their neighborhood for a little stroll.  Our little apartment complex has no place to walk so we have to make the long trek over yonder to Lollee and Pops.  On this blistery September evening here in the good old south, where it never got out of the 60's all day, it is only fitting that we wear real shoes.  Since we usually wear flip flops on Thanksgiving (and Christmas), I'll enjoy this opportunity while it lasts.  It will be short lived, however, because the forecast says that it will warm back up by Monday.  Oh well.  Kyle's shoes are too cute for words, so here is a picture instead.

Sleepy red baby eyes, since it was nearing bedtime by the time we rounded up Lollee, Pops, Aunt Maggie, Uncle Caleb and Aunt Bella & started walking.  But, still smiling!

"Let's go, mom!  Enough pictures!"

I love fall.

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