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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don's Seasoning Delight

I was first introduced to this liquid seasoning when I started working for Donna Wesby at The Greatest Gift.  We sold a ton of it because her husband, Don, created it.  I remember people calling from out of state to have us ship them cases of it.  However, if you live nearby, you can find it in Kroger, Food Lion, and Bi-Lo to name a few.  I bought mine in Kroger on a rack in the center aisle beside the meat cases.  

Personally, I like the spicy best.  It's really not that spicy and I think it packs a bigger punch than the original.  While you're deciding which size to buy (pint, quart or half gallon), be sure to check the label for original or spicy.  If you're a chicken and don't want to take my word for it, why not try the original first?  If you like that, and I'm sure you will, you can go back and get the spicy. 

My favorite thing about Don's Seasoning is that it contains no MSG.  So many seasonings today are full of MSG. Sure, they taste good.  But, too much of it can give you a headache or even make you sick to your stomach.  DSD is a perfect mixture of soy sauce and spices and creates a delicious seasoning for meats, vegetables and rice.

If you are wondering how you'll use it, let me share with you my favorite method.... And it's so easy, I don't even know how to make it interesting.  So, I'm not even going to try.

Spicy Green Beans

I put frozen green beans into a pot.  Shake DSD over the beans until I am satisfied that there's enough liquid in the pot to cook them in.  Cover with a lid and simmer slowly on low heat while I cook the rest of dinner.

Serve with barbeque meatloaf and loaded baked potatoes.  Yum!

You can find other recipes on the DSD website.  Also, for any of you out-of-towners, you can place an order through the website as well.  I highly suggest you try it, because it's just that good.  And it's inexpensive so what do you have to lose?  Let me know what you think!


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  1. Abby,

    I'm gonna try me some of this. I love soy sauce in just about anything. I sure know it makes a great marinade. Knowing what good cooks you and your mom are, I figure that is enough of a recommendation. I just hope shipping to El Paso isn't cost prohibitive. :-) Can't wait to give it a try. Makes my mouth water just thinking of the possibilities.

    Aunt Rochelle