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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Whole Half a Baby

On my twenty-first birthday, I was pathetically excited about the fact that I was feeding my son rice cereal and couldn't have cared any less that I'd reached the legal drinking age.  I decided long ago that I was going to breast feed Kyle exclusively for six months.  I am a bit of a bf'ing snob, but maybe that's another post.  Nevertheless, being the stubborn determined woman I am, I have resisted the urge on many occasions to begin soups, I mean solids, before now.  Finally, on his six month birthday, I can feed him some real food.  Kyle has been increasingly interested during meal time recently.  So much so that I've been having to feed him just before we're going to eat if I want to avoid a fuss.  Why do I doubt then that dull, bland rice cereal mixed with the same stuff he's been drinking for months is going to satisfy his curiosity?  In any case, we had to start somewhere, so here is how it went.....

Nothing kills excitement like an unwrapped gift.  And having an overabundance of baby boy bags, I determined that this was a great opportunity to use one.  If I get invited to that many baby showers during the remainder of my life, I'll be surprised.  Also, if you are having a girl or plan to have a girl between now and ever, I apologize here ahead of time for the baby boy bag your gift will be delivered in.  So, for this very special occasion, I dug through the plethora and found this one to house his gifts before the big reveal.  I wonder who gave it to us?  I don't recall.  But, it sure is sweet, isn't it?

And here is his reaction:

Okey-dokey, now that the surprise is over, we can proceed on to prepare the grub.  I carefully thaw the liquid gold in some warm water and meticulously measure out the four to one ratio.  Not.  With a little adjustment here and there, I am eventually satisfied with the consistency and we move on to prepare for the main event.

Meanwhile, Kyle is still enjoying the tissue paper from his gift bag. 

And the girls are just finishing the decorations I put them on for the p-a-r-t-y.

The most adorable baby ever born to the human race is placed into his Bumbo seat.  Yes, I said it, the most adorable.  And while I am certain I am right about this one, you are entitled to your own opinions regarding your babies.  I get a kick out of it every time it pops through my head - I am convinced my son is the most attractive child known to man.  Undoubtedly, this is a God given hormonal attraction perfectly designed and delegated to mothers to keep them loving their children even while they scream their heads off (Kyle never does that...) or poop all over them (that either...).  Moreover, I am sure any subsequent babies I mother will have the same effect on me and it thrills me to no end just thinking about it.

Anyways, back to the Bumbo seat.  This thing is really awesome.  If you don't have one, get one.  Without question, it is impeccably designed to help babies who aren't yet able to sit up alone stay in an upright position for a decent length of time.  Although, I am quite proud to say that Kyle sat up today unassisted at least long enough for us to get this photo:

And this one:

Mommy to the rescue.

For meal time, though, a structured seating apparatus is necessary.  Most of the time when I put Kyle in his Bumbo, he folds in half and starts trying to eat his feet.  However, I have a sneaky feeling that once he associates blue chair with food, he will begin to sit upright and goo for food like he does when he sees me nestling into the Boppy pillow.

All right, in he goes.

"I'm ready to chow down."

I felt like I ought to add some honey or salt or something to this bland mixture, but I didn't.  Kyle seemed to enjoy it despite how tasteless I imagined it to be.

 (Sorry about the grainy pictures, the camera was on a rapid fire setting which compromised quality.  Cuteness was not compromised, however, and so I share them with you.)

"Here, Dad, let me help you with that."

Feeding babies takes great concentration as Jonathan's face can attest.

"Can I just eat the whole spoon?"

Adorable tootsies.

It will take time, no doubt, for Kyle to get the hang of taking the food in rather than shoving it back out with his tongue.  But, he sure is cute while he learns.

What a nice six month baby.  I love him.  And the guy holding him, too.


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  1. That God-given attraction comes in handy during the teenage years as well.