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Sunday, August 10, 2014

If You Can't Beat 'Em.....

....join 'em!!

Blanketed men walking along the road...

Blanketed woman in town.

Before we moved here, we were told it was tradition for the women to wear blankets wrapped around their waists for modesty and extra warmth.  I distinctly remember thinking that sounded like the most unfashionable thing I had ever heard.  Seriously?  Blankets as clothes?  I would never.

But, let’s be honest.  Who wants to get out of the blankets in the morning when it is cold and you have no heat?  And who wants to walk to town and back with the wind blasting your legs through your jeans?  Wearing long-johns isn’t the most comfortable way to layer up the bottom half.  I am here to tell you that wearing a thick, warm blanket is!  You never have to get out of you blanket (except to use the loo) and it keeps you warm all day long.  It is practical, relatively cheap and comfortable.  I’m sold.

My blanket cost about $10 and my gigantic safety pin10 cents.

Do I still think it looks funny?  A little.  I’ve really gotten used to seeing everyone walking around with blankets draped over the shoulders, pinned around their waists and tied around their backs holding babies.  Sometimes I shake my head at the very realization of how normal it all looks to me now.  But does practicality win when the temp is hovering around freezing, snow is beckoning and you just can’t get warm in your own house?  Absolutely.

So, I joined ‘em.  And I think I’ll live with this style through winter for the rest of my life.


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  1. Oh, if only it were acceptable in the US...I would totally do it!! You get to a point in life where practicality trumps fashion just about every time. And for only $10.10?!?! Yes, please!