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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy Day!

Hi, it's me again, Kyle St.Clair.

 Can you believe it's been about a month since I last gave you all a peek into my life?  I've been really busy.  That's because I'm Daddy's right hand man.  He and I, we're stuck like glue. There's not a whole lot we don't do together.  You'll see....

I know most people think Daddies are supposed to help babies.  But, I'd like to think that I help Daddy just as much as he helps me.

To start off with, Daddy needs a lot of help waking up in the mornings.  I consider it my job to help him do that.  Really, all it takes is me throwing my "cute" into high gear and he's up lick-ity split.  Like this:

Then I help Daddy eat his breakfast.  I can't believe how long he waits to eat between dinner and breakfast.  That's just unheard of from my side of the crib.  I prefer a bed time snack and then my breakfast around 6AM.  Daddy tells me I'm a milkaholic.  Well anyways, here I am helping Daddy eat.  He's a little neater than I am, and he seems to not have any problems with what Mom calls "spitting up."  That's not what I call it; more like "ouch" and "yuck."  I know it annoys Mom but I really can't help it.  Oh bother, I'm on a rabbit trail now.  Back to the matter at hand.....

Occasionally we go to the pool after breakfast.  Sometimes I have to help Daddy swim and other times we just hang out by the side of the Daddy pool.  I just know he'd be in big trouble if I wasn't right there with him so, I don't venture away from him at all.  See, he doesn't even need his floaties when he's with me:

A lot of the time Daddy has to work.  That's no fun.  I miss him while he's gone all day.  He misses me, too; I know he does because he tells me so.  Sometimes Mommy takes me to visit Daddy at work.  If Daddy is working in the dining room, I help him wipe the tables and clean up after messy people.

When Daddy gets home from work he is usually very tired.  I help him relax.

Here I am at Daddy's softball game.  I like helping him by cheering him on.

Watching the news is a family event.  I prefer to sit with Dad and give my commentary.  We usually agree, although sometimes he has to spend a little time thinking through my bright ideas before he catches on.

On Sundays we go to church.  Daddy and I get all dressed up and we sing songs and then I help him fall asleep.  Oh wait, it's just me who falls asleep.  Well anyways, for now, Mommy and Daddy are happy when I sleep through church; that way I don't make a peep.  By the time we get home, I'm very hungry.  I don't know why Mommy made us stop and take a picture last Sunday but, she did and here it is:

Helping Daddy so much wears me out.

You're a great Dad.  I'm glad I can help you so much.  When I grow up, I want to be just like you.  



  1. You are awesome at writing.....seriously. I love reading Kyle's stories!:) Miss you...he's getting so big!

  2. Kyle,

    We would like to hear from you more often. Especially those of us that live far away :)


    Aunt Hannah