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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stepping Out

For the first two years we lived in Mokhotlong, I completely avoided going out alone.  Occasionally I would consider going for a walk or a jog alone but always decided against it.  I was nervous about what kinds of situations I would run into by myself.  We attract a lot of attention here for obvious reasons.

Finally I decided I had to just get over it.  No matter how badly I wished it would happen, I wasn't going to blend in.  But I needed to be able to step out and move around by myself.  There had to be some kind of outlet for me to have some alone time.  Because Mokhotlong is so isolated, there really isn't much to do here.  I visit with a lot of people and I play a lot of games with my kids.  Getting time alone is something I have to work towards.

Don't get me wrong.  I love people.  I love the people here.  It just gets old not being able to go unnoticed.  Jogging is not a thing in Mokhotlong.  No one does it.  Oh, there is a ton of foot traffic.  The majority of people walk for transportation.  But no one is running unless they are in a serious hurry or someone is hurt.  I knew running by people would win me even more looks.  I imagine people are looking behind me and wondering what on earth I am running from.  But I simply smile, wave and act like it is normal; because to me it is normal.

Sometimes people stand in my way just to make me to stop so they can ask what I am doing.  Children are particularly difficult to ward off.  They want high fives and hugs (which I give) and sweets (which I don't give) and run along with me until they get tired or bored.  It always makes me smile!  Yesterday a whole group of kids swarmed me and were just giddy that I decided to stop and take their picture.  Since people always want pictures of us, I thought I'd turn the tables on them.  They continued on with me a ways, holding my hands.  I don't know these kids but they don't live far from my house.  Really it is hard to understand why they are so fascinated by us white people.  Aside from our differing skin, we are just people like they are.  But I'm pretty fascinated with them, too.  They're sure cute!

So much sass

It's not a bad place to get your steps in.  9026 today and counting.


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