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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Drizzly Day

Today has been overcast and cool.   I've never appreciated rainy days like I do now.  Most days here are sunny and clear blue skies.  We can go weeks without a drop of rain.  A true rainy day is very special.  I don't let one pass without making the most of it!

I spent the day defusing my new spicy oils I found in South Africa this week.  The weather felt like it could pass for fall.  Orange, clove and cinnamon oils made the house smell like it, too.  I love this spot in my house.  I keep that tea pot filled with water so whenever I walk by and the defuser is off, I can just refill it with water and select a new oil to brighten my day.

After I finished school with Kyle this morning, I decided to make some homemade creamer.  It is vanilla cappuccino flavor.  I tested it on my husband and my friend, MaMopeli.  They both approved. Since flavored creamer is not a thing in this part of the world, I was happy to make a suitable substitute.  Why did it take me four years to dream that up?

This afternoon I made granola.  I grew up eating this yummy stuff but haven't made it myself since living here.  Actually, I'm not sure I've ever made it myself.  Until now, my mom always supplied me with it.  Thanks, Mom!  While we were home, I watched her closely so I could make it myself.  It's delicious and pretty, too.  I bagged some up to share with my neighbor.

Before I got the kitchen tidied up from granola, I went ahead and put together the components for meatballs.  We had barbecue meatball subs with corn and carrots for dinner.

I went out and picked some greenery from my yard to decorate the table.  The roses were a gift from Kyle while we were in South Africa.  Aren't they lovely?  That boy loves to give gifts.  I like a pretty table.  It makes me happy.

During nap time I altered the duvet for Ellee's new bed.  We bought her a toddler mattress while we were in South Africa.  Soon our friend will build her a base for her mattress to get it up off the floor.  I'll post pictures when it's all finished.  I had a duvet for a single bed, so I just tucked and tied and sewed it to fit a smaller blanket I already had to stuff inside.  I think it turned out well.  It should keep her snuggly warm since it's real down feathers.  She loves it because it's pink.

Everywhere I went today, this little slice of happiness was with me.  She's such a tasty treat.  I can't believe she'll be one next week!  Stay tuned for a sappy post about how much I adore this little doll.  

Make the most of your rainy days.  You'll get a lot done!  I have walked three and a half miles just in my own home today.  Now I have drizzly rain to lull me to sleep.


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