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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A New Car

..... Seat!

Kyle has almost completely outgrown his infant car seat.  His head comes past the top and his feet stretch far past the bottom.  I feel certain this cannot be very safe.  With our l-o-o-o-o-n-n-g trip to Illinois coming up this week, we wanted to be sure he had a new, safe seat to ride in.

"This Teddy cookie is so yummy!"

For a belated birthday gift (because we haven't had time since his birthday weekend), we went to shop around last weekend (I haven't had time to post about it until this weekend) for a big boy car seat.  He enjoyed trying out different ones and it appears he felt like a very big boy facing forward.

We were unable to purchase anything on the spot.  Wal-mart had nothing to my liking and Target was sold out of nearly every one in their display aisle.  Amazon saved the day again.  Twenty bucks cheaper and free shipping - score!  It arrived this week and Pops secured it tightly into the backseat of our car.

Get really comfortable there, Buddy, because you'll be in that seat for more hours than I care to count over the next few weeks.  

We begin our trek northward late this week and will be back after Easter.  We are excited to see everyone but not excited about the drive up there.  We're veering from our usual route in order to stay with friends in Tennessee on the way up.  On the way home we will be leaving from Michigan after visiting with my BFF and her family, which should make the scenery more interesting both ways.  Unfortunately, Kyle won't know the difference so I'll be taking lots of smocking, tons of lectures for my next classes and earplugs. 


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  1. He can also still rearface. It's much safer.