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Monday, March 26, 2012

Champion Traveler

We have had a wonderful and encouraging first few days here at Missions Conference in Illinois.  Jonathan had the opportunity to share the ministry of AIM on Saturday and we've been able to hear of the work of many other missionaries from around the world.  It is always encouraging to hear the testimonies of seasoned missionaries and reconnect with our beloved Cornerstone family as well.  Kyle is taking all the craziness like a champ and I am so glad!  I won't have much time to update while we're here but, I thought I'd give some credit to our champion traveler.  Fifteen hours in the car and just a couple of frustrated crying spurts.  Not bad, I'd say, but of course I'm slightly biased.

Cruisin' in style with his velour neck pillow...

Wonderin' why Daddy put this crazy hat on his head and enjoying some A&W root beer...

Catchin' some zzz's after lunch...

I was getting a little nervous driving through this mess but, Kyle napped the whole time... Good boy.

He escaped his car seat momentarily and this was the result...

We stopped about an hour from our destination to get a caramel sundae for our car seat trooper.  I gave him tiny bites almost the whole rest of the way.  Poor thing, he was so sick of the car seat he wouldn't stop trying to unlatch the straps.  

He didn't sleep the whole ride though.  Not even close.  So, we read these books over and over and over again.

We learned to stack cups so quickly I couldn't even get a clear photo to show you.

We played with his African animals, Little People and..... 

We listened to Kyle's favorite song, Justin Beiber's Baby, on repeat.

<3 ~ Abby


  1. Adorable. Who took the photo of you sleeping? Just a little scary...

  2. ADORABLE!!! Where were you traveling to?