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Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Expenses Paid

Over a month ago we received an unexpected anonymous monetary gift in the mail.  Because we don't know for sure who gave it, I figured whoever it is might like to know what we did with that money.  In addition to buying a toaster oven to keep from heating the whole oven all the time, we decided to take a trip to Charleston to visit Brad and Hannah for the weekend.  We drove down Thursday evening and stayed until Sunday night.  Ryan came down on Thursday night as well and we were able to spend a couple days with him.  It is rare that we are all able to get together for more than a dinner at my parents'.

(re-heating yummo corn fritters and BBQ beef pizza from Pizza Hut which is amazing!)
We did a lot of nothing on Friday, which was a very welcome change for me.  I could hardly remember the last time I had lounged around all day with absolutely nothing I needed to get done.  It was fabulous!  Kyle enjoyed playing in Brad and Hannah's apartment - crawling around and getting into everything which wasn't yet baby-proofed.  By the time we left, I think that the place had turned into a giant play pen for him with no way for him to get into trouble.

On Saturday my parents and the youngsters drove over and we enjoyed an afternoon at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens together.  We skipped the gardens and opted to explore the swap instead.  While Dad paid, we got to pet the ponies who were eager to nibble grass from our hands.....

Kyle helped Daddy navigate down the driveway to the swamp.  We strolled around for a long while and met these guys...

Mr. Baby had the best ride.....

After dinner at Kickin' Chicken, we celebrated Ryan's 25th birthday with Holy Cow Cake.  A wonderful ending to a memorable day!  No photos of this part.... Too busy eating.

During our visit, we started talking about how silly it is that the majority of young girls take countless photos of themselves from the same angle......about a foot above their head.  Deciding that it is certainly time for a new trend in popular camera angles, we played with my (new:) camera and have determined that this angle is certainly one to be considered for the next favorite.  We'll call it the "shoot for the sky."  We all got a good laugh out of this.

Of course we got a photo of the newlyweds....

.... And sweet Kyle....

And of course the SILs went gallivanting in town. 
Time we are able to spend with family is deeply cherished.  Knowing that in the future we'll be "missing out" on family gatherings like this make each one bittersweet.  I am indescribably thankful for the opportunity to be here nearby my family and Jonathan's in the upstate.  It is truly a blessing and I know one day I'll look back through these memories longing to come home and make more.  So to whoever it was that sent the money for us to enjoy this weekend together, thank you!  Know that it warmed and encouraged our hearts.


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  1. What a fun weekend...that basketball game in the background is a permanent fixture from January til....?