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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seven Month Sweater

Have I mentioned recently that I love fall?  I cannot emphasize enough just how much I enjoy this season.  And what better to welcome fall than a handmade sweater?  This one was knitted (or crocheted? I don't know the difference.) by a dear friend of my mom's who lives in upstate New York.  She certainly understands the value of a warm sweater on a cool morning.  Kyle epitomized snuggly on his seven month birthday donning this soft blue one.

(No, he did not go to church barefoot.  This was taken after his socks came off.)

The future president doesn't even get to take a break on his birthday.   Yawn, C-Span.  This was Daddy's doing.

Happy, happy family!  We love our seven month baby.  Has it really been seven months already since I first held this little pumpkin in my arms?  I am so in love.


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  1. i love the drooly third pic best. Can't wait to see him in 3 days

    -Aunt Hannah