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Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trip

The day after we returned from Uncle Brad and Aunt Hannah's, Mommy and Daddy packed me back in the car and took me all the way to Missouri.

Are we there yet?

Ahhh, we're finally here.  Time for a nap in Uncle Christopher's bed.

Every St.Clair baby needs to take a few baths in Grammy and Papa's trailer kitchen sink.

Here I am at PapaLo's funeral with Daddy's cousin, Greg, his wife Kari and their 9 day old baby boy, Kai.  I wish I could've met PapaLo.  Everyone said he was a wonderful, godly man. 

I got to meet Nanny Kay.  I liked her.  I think she liked me, too.

Time for some family photos.  

I love my family.

No one ever pays me any attention.  It's sad, really.

Aunt Melody works at Silver Dollar City in Branson.  We were able to go for free on her day off! 

Mommy, Daddy, Grammy and Aunt Melody after the Powder Keg roller coaster.  Looked scary.

This is a weird mansion we walked through.  Everything is all tilted and slanted wrong.  It made me dizzy.

I had a lot of fun seeing the shows.  Well, the truth is, I slept through most of the shows.

 Mommy and Daddy rode the rides.  One day, I'll ride with them.  But for now, I'm pretty content just hanging with Papa in my ride.

All tuckered out.

Evidence of good sleep.

It never seems like we have enough time to spend with our family.  Before we know it, we are headed home again...

Passing time chewing on my new toy.  Mommy bought it for me as a present for my 4 month birthday.  

Even though it's been a long day, I am still smiling.  I'm a good boy.  My mommy loves me.  And she says this is her favorite face I make.


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