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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dinner at Home

I am my mother's daughter;  I love to cook.  There isn't a part of cooking I don't like, except maybe cleaning the burners if something spills over.  As we finish putting the final touches on our new semi-temporary quarters, I figured I'd share a few photos from our first dinner on our new (borrowed) kitchen table.

All set and ready.  We are so grateful to our generous friends for loaning us their table while we are here.  Eating from a table sure beats eating on the floor.

One serving of fresh broccoli steaming, naturally, since I'm the only one of the two of us who will touch the stuff.  I just can't convince Jono that it really IS yummy!  

Four servings of smashed potatoes cooking in another pot.  No, that's not two for J, one for Mom, one for Kyle.  It's one for Mom and Kyle and the rest for J. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu in the pretty green baking dish my Grandmama gave me for Christmas.  Before you get too impressed, I must admit to buying the chicken ready-made.  My favorite grocery (Aldi) sells these little packages of yumminess for 99 cents a piece.  Can't beat that.

As usual, I have lots of help in the kitchen.  And eating my food.

Can you guess who's plate this is?

After cooking for 9 months in Mexico using a toaster oven, two electric burners, a microwave, and about 3.5 feet of counter work space, I feel like my tiny apartment kitchen competes with Paula Dean's. Basically, I'm in housewife heaven with four burners, a full size oven and enough space to cut potatoes without knocking half of them on the floor.   

We demolished this meal. 



  1. Aw!!

    OK, I LOLed in two places...the four servings explanation and the tummy shot. Too funny.

    Cute Cute Cute.

    And hey, careful what you call tiny. I'm pretty much convinced you now have as much counter space as I do. So, we'll call it "step saver." :-)

  2. Abby, I can so relate to your cooking woes! When we lived in Bahrain, we went a full nine months without an oven. All we had was a stove top. I didn't even have a microwave! I'm like you; I like to cook from scratch, and so it was a serious challenge. But you know, I'm glad for the experience. Life is better lived a bit...uncomfortably. Memories are far more delicious that way.

    Best Regards,