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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belly Jumps

Mmmmm...... The sweet feeling of baby thumps and bumps and jumps.  I look forward to climbing into bed at night and feeling my little guy - as that's typically when he is the most active, naturally.  Something tells me nothing will change after he makes his appearance into this world.  I might as well kiss sleep goodbye.  And I love sleep.

It really is spectacular to feel his little movements.  Sometimes I can't decide if I want to laugh or cry or pass out.  Yes, I said pass out.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I feel light headed and pathetic at the pretty much the drop of a hat.  The thought of something alive inside of me well......Is just a little freaky.  Fortunately, I have made it thus far (blood work and all) without keeling over.  We'll see how long this lasts.

Sensationally his movements have changed a lot since I first felt little "flutters" as they call them at nearly 18 weeks (almost exactly 4 weeks ago).  Now it feels exactly like little Morse code tappings.  Tap tap.  Tap. Pause. Tap tap tap.  If I could come up with a way to teach him Morse code, I could be rich and famous.  Feeling sure that someone has already thought of that and failed miserably, I've decided against wasting my time.

Kyle (it still feels weird to refer to him by his name although, I am trying to quit calling him "the baby") seems to really like hot chocolate.  And apples.  Actually, fruit in general makes him wake up and squirm about.  Okay, okay the truth is, he likes pretty much everything I feed him.  I'm such a great mom.  (That was said with much sarcasm.)  I am particularly proud of his affection towards hot chocolate.  It probably had something to do with all the marshmallows I stuffed in the top of the mug.  Regardless, he went crazy and giggled as it felt like my innards moved from one side of my belly to the other.  That'll probably be the last time I drink hot chocolate right before bed for a while.

Already practicing for his celebrity status in our house. 



  1. This so sweet Abby. I love Kyle's "Hi" sign. Your best is yet to come and so is your mom's. There is nothing like babies except grand babies

  2. Feeling the baby move is one of my favorite things. :.) I found it comforting. As far the sleep goes...just enjoy it while you've got it. Its basically over. lol