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Friday, April 23, 2010

Las Cascaditas

A little refresher - the Lord knows we need it sometimes.  This was one of ours during our time in Chiapas.

After we left Paradise, we drove through a valley between loads of mountains to get to these little waterfalls.  J, Brad and I seriously thought we were lost right before we parked the cars and got out - only to hear the rush of waterfalls in the distance.  Such a sweet sound, I think!  So, we walked down a path a little ways and found this nifty spot.

I don't know the name of the place, hence the blog tittle : The little waterfalls.

Behind the waterfalls, my dear husband discovered, was a cave.  It wasn't very big, but it was dark and slimy.  It took me a minute to get up the guts to go back into it, but J helped me and I screamed like a girl the whole way through.  I was just sure some snake was going to pop out right in front of my face to greet me and welcome me to his home.  I probably would've passed out.

None the less, once through, we sat under the falls, wishing we had brought shampoo since there was never any guarantee that the next place we slept was going to have a fully equipped bathroom. Actually, come the think of it, the next place we spent the night, we bathed with buckets of ridiculously cold water

These 'pools' were pretty deep and the bottoms were all rocks, which made the water even more clear.

There was also a big rock, about 8-10 feet high, to jump off of into that big pool of water in the picture below. Well, the rock isn't in the picture below, it's farther to the right, but the pool of water is. Oh whatever...

Do notice the pole going across the top of the photo.  When we jumped off the rock we had to dodge the pole in order to not hit our heads.  Fortunately, no one hit their head.  Also, notice Brad about to fall.  The rocks were really slippery.  Again, thankfully, he didn't fall and hit his head.

'Twas positively wonderful.



  1. Just got around to reading all your posts. it's amazing that some of the most beautiful places are really unknown to us. What do you see as your greatest impacts on the people you've met, obviously the greatest is seeing them come to know the Lord, but what stories do you have?

  2. Beautiful falls....what wonderful gifts God blesses his children with when they least expect it!!!! :)

  3. Mrs. Jean,
    Giving out the bags really makes the children light up! For them, it's so uncommon to have things that aren't necessities. We've also had the opportunity to tell many people we encounter here in Cancun why we are here. Although we are in an extremely touristy area, if we visit a place more than once a lot of times someone asks what we are doing here.
    Something that stood out more than these when you asked the question was this: One Saturday we were in the village we go to every Saturday. The work there is definitely our most focused work. I say "our", really the people from the church we are attending head up the meetings. We are, in fact, learning from Mexican 'missionaries'!
    Anyways, this Saturday the pastor from our church came and spoke to all the women. Every week there is a precious lady who leads a Bible study for all the women in the village who come. But this week Pastor came and spoke to the ladies and, after telling them a story of how fleeting life is, asked them, "If you died today, where would you go?" Although we go every week, and these women are hearing the truth regularly, I tell you, only 2 (if I remember correctly) answered, "heaven." That is out of probably 15-20 ladies. I sat in the back just crying over how many were so unsure. Though I personally didn't have any "impact", (other than prayers from the back row!), I was impacted. It has affected the way I look at sharing the gospel and being more bold in opening my mouth. The Lord is providing opportunities for me to speak to people about their faith and what they believe. There is one boy we met in Chiapas I am talking to through Skype about his faith. This guy has a long ways to go, but I'm trying to learn to just listen to Him and not miss opportunities.
    Hope that sort of answers your question. To be completely honest, the language barrier creates a large problem. Daily my Spanish is getting better. But, it's not an over night thing. I look forward to being able to speak fluently without having to worry about running into something I don't understand or don't know how to say.