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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Agua Azul

Early during day #2 of driving, we stopped in the mountains at a popular tourist venue, Agua Azul.  On the way down the road to the parking, there were loads of women and children walking in front of our cars trying to sell us anything and everything they had. 

Here is our awesome navigator, Ricardo:

Pretty water color:

Jonathan looks like a giant.  Really, he was on the highest rock.  Regardless, he's a lot taller than all the rest of us!

(Tarzan 1 and Tarzan 2)

Empanadas come with potatoes, beef, cheese, chicken, or pretty much anything else you can think of to put in a tortilla and fry.  They are very popular in these parts - delicious with a little extra cheese (aka fat), drizzled with a little half and half ( more fat), and a little spicy green salsa (healthy cause it's made with jalapeños, right?)

(Nevermind Tarzan in the background, he's still looking for Jane.)

Bradley decided he wanted to risk his life walking across the falls.
(For all you worriers: It's not really as high as it looks.  Although, there's no need to worry since it's already taken place.)

And behold, he made it across safely.




  1. I think that first waterfall pic is the coolest thing. Not sure if the falls looked like that to just look at them, or if it's just the way the camera captured it, but it looks like gauze draped over the rocks!!

  2. Additionally:

    Tell Inmer he needs to be back in Cancun between May 16 and 25.

    Those empananas look amazing. I can't wait to try those. Bring on the fat!

  3. Abbsy, I love your bloggy blog. Its so colorful and bright just like you, and reading your words and lingo makes me feel like you're right here telling me your stories :) I miss you.. <3
    Btw, that pesky lens cap was a sneaker, wasn't he. But we found him and boy was it a happy day when we did!