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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Up on the Roof of Africa

Did you know that Lesotho hosts a bicycling race called "Roof of Africa?"  Lesotho, made up primarily of mountains, is the only country in the world in which all of its land mass exceeds 1,000m (3,281ft) above sea level.  It's highest point, which is nearby where we live, is 3,482m (11,424ft).  This is why Lesotho has earned the nickname "the Kingdom in the Sky."

When I first began writing this blog, I did so on the roof of our mission center in Mexico.  I used to climb up the ladder to the roof above our third floor apartment and think, pray, rest, or just listen to the hustle and bustle of the city below.  It is sometimes hard for me to remember those kid-free days when I could really ponder life.  Occasionally I've considered changing the name of my blog to something more fitting to my life now.  Something like, "Piled High With Laundry."  Then I'm reminded that, although I cannot comfortably hang out on the roof of my house in Mokhotlong and I barely have time to ponder, I am still Up on the Roof.  And all these little people give me a new and different perspective.

I've always loved the mountains.  It often makes me smile when I look out my window and see the beautiful layers of mountains which surround us.  The Lord knew right where I belonged.  Nestled in the middle of no where.  I enjoy Mokhotlong being home.  It's easy to see why......


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  1. Abby, If you LOVE the mountains and really feel at home there, COME SEE US IN COLORADO next time you're in the USA :) We would LOVE to have you visit, and we are only a few hours away from TRAIL RIDGE ROAD, the HIGHEST CONTINUOUS HIGHWAY in the US, with the highest point being 11, 000+ FT. Google it. It's pretty spectacular :) The natives like to call it GOD'S COUNTRY :) I would like to visit Mokhotlong someday. It's BEAUTIFUL too :) Thanks for sharing your life with us!!