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Friday, September 23, 2016

Home Improvements

During our time away, our landlord made some improvements on our house.  Arriving home, we discovered our house and roof had a fresh coat of paint, our floors were re-polished and there were now walkways around the perimeter of the house.  Before, we had a good deal of underbrush growing around the house, so the cleared walking spaces are a welcome change!

I tucked a few special things in my luggage to sprinkle around the house, too.  I've got just about everything put where I want it, except the kitchen curtains I made which are waiting for their rods.  We'll grab those on our next trip down to the city.

Oftentimes I wondered what sort of house we'd end up with once we had signed on to come to Lesotho.  I really had no idea what to imagine.  This house has such a special place in my heart now and I really enjoy just about everything about it.  Sure, the leaky roof is annoying at times, the electricity is spotty (not the house's fault, of course) and occasionally the pipes burst.  Nevertheless, the house has far exceeded our expectations for rural African living.  It really is home.  I plan to have my artist sister sketch a drawing of it so we can take it with us wherever we go.

Gift from my NY visit in August

Christmas gift from my Sister in Law

A favorite decoration

Another favorite

My very favorite kind of decoration cookie

New diaper rinsing/storage spot.  This faucet is outside, just under the kitchen window.

New walkway which continues around the back of the house.

View from the backyard

View from the road

This happy new table runner was a joint project w/ my mama.  Centerpiece by Ellee!

Love this place.

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  1. Such a lovely and comfortable home. You aren't merely a "house wife" but a "homemaker!" I love the pretty things you've sprinkled around. And what a special gift to have your landlord fix things up to surprise you. God is always good.