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Thursday, October 25, 2012


When we began moving towards Africa, one of the major hurdles in my mind was the shots.  I know it sounds pathetic.... and it is.  A few weeks ago, we had blood drawn for our physicals.  Although I used to despise getting my blood drawn, after one pregnancy I got pretty used to it.  Shots, on the other hand, I haven't had much opportunity to get used to.  So..... I hate them.

I'm glad to have them over with.  Jonathan got all three we were supposed to get while I only had to get two.  I'll have to carry a medical waiver until I can get yellow fever once I wean 2nd baby.  I don't mind.  I'll avoid mosquitos and all will be fine, I hope.

For your enjoyment, here is a photo of me laid out on the floor, feet up in a chair, attempting to not pass out as our super sweet nurse administered the miserable things.  I told Jono I'd feed him salad for a week if he posted the video he took while she was doing it.  But, I guess I'll share a photo so you can at least get a little laugh.

She gave me a Dum-Dum to keep my mind off of it.  

Jumping hurdles over here.  Africa, here we come!

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