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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


You may remember our friendly neighbor I posted about a few months ago.  Well, about a week after I wrote that post, she disappeared.  Earlier that week my (human) neighbor mentioned that her daughter was trying to find a home for the kitty.  I'm assuming that is what happened to our feline visitor.

Now we have a new neighbor.  Four actually!  A busy little mama bird made her nest in our next door neighbors wreath.  I must admit wreath envy.  I have a wreath on my door, too, and I took slight offense that the mama bird didn't chose my wreath to make her nest in.  But, I forgave her when I decided that my wreath wasn't as equipped with the fanning twigs ideal for building her nest.

She laid her four eggs in there just a couple weeks ago.  It has made for a great science lesson.  I had no idea that eggs hatch so quickly and I really didn't know how rapidly little, scrawny baby birds become plump and feathered big birds.  It was barely a week ago that I noticed the four skinny, fuzzy necks stretched above the edge of the nest, mouths gapping open begging for food.  Now they look as if they are not far from flight.  The wreath which supports their home is flimsy (maybe she should've picked mine but, I digress), and their weight is already making it rotate.  Late last week I tilted it back up so that the nest was nearer the top center of the wreath and would be less likely to topple over.  I've been checking on it regularly since then.  They're ugly little things, but I'd rather the nest didn't fall out of the wreath and leave me burying four dead little birds.  Plus, Kyle would be devastated.  They are his best buds at the moment.  He is constantly whining at the door to go see the "birs" and squeals like a baby (oh yeah, he is a baby) every time he sees them.  The birdies are probably terrified when they see Kyle's head pop up over their nest.  He doesn't mess with them, though.  He just looks, squeals, giggles, smiles at us and looks back into the nest.

I wonder if Mama Bird is as proud of her babies as I am of mine....


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