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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


After day two of information overload at AIM's candidate week, I feel like a horse headed to the stable tonight.  Wanted to give a quick update before I crawl into my bed and pray that my hours of sleep produce multiplied energy for tomorrow.

We are thoroughly enjoying our time here.  Meeting new friends is always an encouragement to us.  Our days have been completely packed.... My head feels like it is swirling with information which my brain still needs to file.  Fortunately, all of it is helpful and most of it is exciting.  The prospect of contracting malaria wasn't all that exciting....

We covet your prayers for stamina as we continue through this week.  Also, for my little mama heart which misses my baby boy during the days.  Lollee reports that he is doing well without us, so I shouldn't worry too much.


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  1. Sending some up for you! :)

    -B & H