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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses...

...Universal incentive for women everywhere to lose weight and look presentable. 

(On our last "girls weekend getaway" before I got married in '09)

And that's where I am.  With my BFF's wedding coming up in May, I am determined to get into (and look reasonable in) the dress I'm wearing.  Whoever said breast feeding would make the baby weight melt right off, lied.

I'm not one of those bizarre people who get a thrill out of exercise.  Actually, I loathe it in it's entirety.  I only like the point at which it's over.  I know some people (Hi, Hannah!) who work out for fun.  Ha!  I do everything I can think of before I even contemplate exercising...

House cleaned - Check
Dishes washed - Check
Clothes laundered, folded, pressed, hung up, put away, organized by color, shape, size, season - Check
Bathroom floors polished - Check
Dinners planned for the next three weeks - Check
Blog post about how much I despise working out - Check

Darn! The baby woke up.... Guess I can't work out today after all.

And that is basically how it goes over here.  But, it is catching up to me.  And being one of however many other bridesmaids, all of whom look like they should've be in the Miss America pageant last weekend, I am determined not to be the token "plump" one up there.

Nope.  Here I go... 

I can do this... Must wear that dress!



  1. Girl, I'm gonna be right there with you in a couple of months. I also loathe working out and my best friend is getting married in August...5 months postpartum for me! I'm already planning on registering for a 5k in May to give me a goal. You can do it!! =)

  2. GO Abby, GO Abby, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you need a cheerleader or trainer (or both), you know where to find me.

    -Your Temple SIL