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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

An all time favorite of my mom and me, Sept '04 just after my 14th birthday

There isn’t much to say about my mom that hasn’t already been said by me or someone else.  She is a woman of integrity.  To list her all her many attributes would be a great undertaking but a few which come immediately to mind are fun, honest, disciplined, godly, helpful, kind, generous, creative, thoughtful and faithful. 

Throughout my life, I have observed her as a devoted wife and mother and she modeled for me a wonderful example of godliness in her role as homemaker.  I have fond memories of spending my childhood days with her, as she taught me school, or observing her as she sewed and cooked.  A few of my most precious memories are of the summers we went to camp together.  She has been steadfast for me throughout the many stages in my life.  And she has been a dear friend to me as I’ve entered into adulthood and I cherish her input into my life even now.  

Easter just before I got married, April '09

Without question, leaving her in January was the hardest goodbye I’ve ever said.  Knowing she was coming this summer dulled the ache in my heart slightly, but watching her wave goodbye through tears was just about as lonely as I’ve ever felt. 

I wish we could spend Mother’s day together tomorrow.  I can barely look at that photo of us without crying.  I miss her terribly but I’m so thankful for technology, which allows us to stay in touch.  And I can’t wait to see her in less than two months when she comes to meet my new baby!  I love you, Mom.  Thanks for all you taught and are still teaching me.  You are a treasure to me.


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  1. When I saw the photo of you and your mom hugging, all I kept seeing was you and your dad dancing at your wedding.

    How fortunate you have been and are.