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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Curious George Takes a Bath

If you have been following our lives over the past couple of months, you might have noticed Curious George in some of our pictures.  That little monkey has been on quite the adventure as of late.  As the most recent addition to our family, he has already traveled to Atlanta, Washington DC, Switzerland, Kenya, South Africa and finally to his new home in Lesotho.  That is certainly a lot of travel for such a little monkey and you can see why he was in such need of a bath!

During the time that we stayed with my parents before we left for Africa, Kyle discovered Curious George amidst the large family of stuffed animals whose home is Uncle Caleb’s bed.  For whatever reason, Kyle took right to him and dragged him all around the house for those couple of weeks.  They became close friends quickly as Curious and Kyle had slumber parties each night in Kyle’s crib.  The morning before we left, Uncle Caleb kindly met Kyle, just awake for the morning with Curious in hand, at the top of the stairs to tell him he could take Curious with him to Africa.  So, Curious was packed in Kyle’s carry-on and pretty soon the two were off for a wildly exciting venture around the world. 

Curious was there as we said goodbye in the hotel room.  Flying across the Atlantic, Curious kept Kyle company during his few naps and many sleepless hours.  In Kenya, Curious went with Kyle to class regularly and frequented meal times with him as well.  Back on the airplane, Curious snuggled up to Kyle and geared up for a long night on the red eye flight.  Once we got to Lesotho, Curious and Kyle took a nice snoozer whilst we drove to South Africa for a short visit. Over the past three weeks, we have been nestled back into the mountainous woods of central Lesotho, experiencing village life first hand.  Curious has been here, too, faithfully keeping Kyle company during his naps and at bedtime.  Yesterday while Jonathan, Kyle and I washed the laundry, we pulled Curious out of his comfortable new home in Kyle’s crib and gave that little monkey a bath!  His hands, feet and face were so dirty, you would’ve barely recognized him.  We took turns scrubbing and rinsing him until we all agreed that he was a much cleaner monkey than before.  In typical monkey fashion, he hung upside down to dry over night and we rescued him first thing this morning.  He is as good as new and ready for many more adventures with his best friend, Kyle!

Bath time for Curious!

Kyle helps wash his hands...

Floating in the soapy water

That's where he's going to go once he's rinsed out....

Squeeze all the water out of him....

Silly monkey!

Clean Curious!!



  1. Abby~
    Love this post...Kyle looking at you while you clean Curious, so cute!!!
    I have to admit i had to look a while at the picture with the dogs (?) behind you, i thought they looked like lions!! See how a gal from IL can imagine the "wilds" of Africa?
    Praying for you guys!
    Love you all,
    Lisa G and family

  2. Great post! I'll have to show Caleb!