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Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Best Girl

My heart is in my throat as I even attempt to begin this post.  How do I summarize the countless memories I have with my very best girl?  It seems impossible.  When Kaylee walked into my life in early high school, I gained one of the sweetest friendships I think I'll ever know.  After that, we were attached at the hip until I got married and moved away.  When our senior year of high school came around, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Hawaii with my parents for a special trip.  Nearly two weeks of Hawaiian bliss with the best company, an experience I certainly will never forget.

Feb '08

 Both of us were home schooled and we "missed out" on that delightful experience known as senior prom.  Fortunately, neither of us cared a bit.  At this point, we didn't have boyfriends so we opted to go out to dinner with our daddies.  We ditched the prom dresses and stuck with our trusty jeans....

April '08

After a whirlwind of changes, a year later, Kaylee and her mom were hosting my bridal luncheon.  Here we are two days before my wedding...

Despite the miles that marriage and college put between us, we have remained in close contact and seen each other regularly.  This summer, I had the privilege of attending her wedding.  Here we are, two days before her wedding at her bridal luncheon...

And then they were hitched!

After she was married, Kaylee and her new husband moved from Illinois back down south.  Over the past six months, we have soaked up the short time we knew we'd have back together, regularly eating together on her lunch break.  I can't really explain how good it has been to be able to go back to "old times" and just relax and visit together.  

Yesterday, we found ourselves saying the goodbye which has been looming for months.  When I fully surrendered to the call of missions in 2006, with Kaylee by my side, I didn't realize the impact it would have on my precious friendship.  Of course we are thankful for Skype and e-mail but nothing will ever compare to the countless hours we've spent, curled up in each other's beds or sitting on each other's kitchen counters, eating ice cream and talking until the wee hours of the morning about God and life and our futures.

I'm gonna miss this girl.  It hurts.  But, I cherish these many years of friendship which don't end here.  And I am thankful for a friend who encourages me and supports me in my journey around the world.  I know she'll always be there for me..... Anytime.


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