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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 Yesterday my sweet little guy had to get his last "standard" baby shot as well as a blood draw done with the pediatrician.  Then, today he had to get his yellow fever vaccine in order to travel from Kenya to Lesotho.  I didn't have to get the YF because I am expecting and it is a live virus vaccine.  But, Jono got it and he said it was painful.  This coming from the guy who had his wisdom teeth yanked out and didn't need any pain killers afterwards.  I was worried about how badly Kyle might react to the shot as he isn't exactly a huge fan of them.  Typically he complains for a good day or so after he gets any.  But, not today.  My big trooper was easily consoled with a lollipop.

Just to be sure that Mr. Baby was a-okay, we stopped into Sonic for some ice cream, too.  He was good as new after that.  Ice cream will do that to you.


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