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Saturday, June 9, 2012


If we finalize an assignment (possibly this week), this could be our next home: (no, we aren't signing on because it is pretty, but that doesn't hurt.)

Pretty neat, huh?  You can find me in one of these....

....Maybe not.  Maybe so.  Not sure about this part.  But the landscaping is almost enough to make up for it.  I'll keep you posted.


None of these photos are mine; I stole them off Google.


  1. I want that hut right there next to yours. :-)

  2. I told TJ you guys would be real African missionaries...we will be the fake ones living ONLY 220 miles away. :) Out of curiosity...what are the odds that your hut will have high-speed internet? Will you still be keeping us updated with your blogs?

    1. We've been told there is reasonably dependable internet.... So, yes, I'll continue the blog. May have to come up with a more appropriate name for it. "Out on the Cliff?" hehehe