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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friendly Neighbor

All of the sudden we have a neighbor at our door.  Often.  It is our first time since living in this apartment to have any real contact with our neighbors.  When we pass the woman who lives next door, we always wave.  But, until now, we haven't had any neighbors come calling.  You know, the type who want to come in and stay awhile.

This neighbor is just as friendly and talkative as can be.  In fact, she hasn't met a stranger yet.  When my family was here the other day, she kindly greeted them as well, not showing any favoritism to her true neighbors.  She welcomes herself to breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Occasionally, I offer her some left overs, 'cause I guess her frequent visits mean she is hungry.  As soon as I open the door, she tries to sneak her way in.  Even after I close the door behind me, she keeps talking.  I can hear her persistent comments long after I have walked away.  We decided to name her CiCi, short for Cookies and Cream. If you have a more creative name, please feel free to share.  I used my most creative names on the kittens we found and "rescued" for about a week in Mexico.  We named them Sugar and Spice.  Sadly, they died, I assume from infection.

Sugar and Spice

Anyways, back to CiCi........


I sure wish she could meet Jade, who now lives with her grandparents because she isn't allowed to live here with us.  I bet they could be friends.....eventually.  I miss having Jade around, playing at my feet or chasing tinfoil balls around the floor.  I especially miss waking up with her asleep on my head, purring loudly in my ear.  But, I think she is enjoying her new life in the great outdoors, and I am thankful I still get to see her often.  She graces us with her presence and often asks to come inside.  As soon as she makes it through the doors, she sniffs twice and wants back out.  She's a wild thing.

Mama's baby, Jade <3

It certainly is fun to have a friendly feline around again, trying to get into mischief outside my front door.  CiCi purrs softly as I begin to stroke her head and neck.  Soft, clean fur indicates that she is not actually a stray but instead, a friendly, wandering neighbor.  Her plump face and belly and think legs also give her the appearance of a well taken care of kitty.  Of course, it is possible someone recently dropped her off over here, hoping that one of us would take her in.  I cannot imagine who would want to do that to such a loving, kind kitty like her.  For now, I will assume that she lives close by and is feeling extra friendly and adventuresome during this holiday season.

Any of you out there love kitties as much as I do?

Me with the very best kitty who ever lived.   I wish I could squeeze him one more time.



  1. Me! Me! I do! I do! Wonder where you got that love??

  2. Oh, and I'll switch you CiCi for Jade. Maybe she'd like to come in for more than two minutes at a time.