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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

St.Clair-Changito '48

In light of the ridiculously shameful photo scandal which has emerged out of Congress over the past two weeks, we are even more convinced than ever that our country needs some new faces in office.  Understanding we are biased, we are of the opinion that our son, Kyle, would be an honest and upright political figure given a few years to get out of diapers and learn to sign his name.

He is already practicing using discretion when signing laws into effect - well for now, just the church choir soloist list.

Consulting running mate Changito first, as to not make any rash decisions:

Going for it, after getting the approval of lifelong friend and colleague Changito:

St.Clair and Changito discussing the role of government in health care with their Senior Advisor:

Listening to the insight of renown political pundits like Bill O'Reilly:

"Hey, I was thinking that, too!"

Please consider casting your vote for St.Clair-Changito in 2048.

"I would be so much fun to have in office!"



  1. Oh my goodness. He looks just like a little old man watching the news in that photo.

    Lollee LOLed.

    BTW, on one of the blogs I read-Cherry Hill Cottage- she is going to be a grandma. Guess what they are going to be called?? Lollie and Pop. Posers...


  2. P.S. He is the cutest baby ever.