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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Los De Pescado

¡Bienvenidos a Los De Pescado, donde siempre comes más que necesitas!
(Welcome to Los De Pescado, where you always eat more than you need!)

A couple days after we arrived in Cancún, our friends took us to Los De Pescado for lunch...And my, oh my, was it good!  I'd say we're regulars...

See if you can figure out the menu:

No, fish tacos don't cost 20 dollars.  20 pesos is about $1.60 and each order comes with two tacos!  Can't beat it - not even at McDonalds!  They come on corn tortillas (like everything else in this part of Mexico) with shredded cabbage.  I like to doctor mine up with a little bit (a lot) of their chipotle barbeque sauce yummy goodness! 

Also, if it strikes your fancy, you can visit, as Jonathan calls it,  the 'Way to Ruin a Good Taco' bar as shown here:

If you do choose this route, your tacos may end up looking something like Inmer's:

(¡Qué feo!)

Where's the fish?

None the less, here I am, catching some sun, happily stuffed from two fish tacos that only cost us, with a bottled water, approximately $2.75.

It's a sweet life...