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Thursday, January 23, 2014

23 Things I Love About Living in Mokhotlong, Lesotho (and 5 things I don't)

Cool, crisp evenings and mornings even in the dead of summer.

Clear blue skies every morning and thunder showers that roll in almost every afternoon during the summer.

Happy birds that sing pretty songs all day long.

Only seeing three extremely lethargic mosquitos all summer.

Hearing the rain poor on our roof.  It isn't a metal roof but the shingles give it a soothing sound.

Seeing how vibrantly green the mountains in front of our house are after an afternoon shower.

Watching Kyle play with the very sweet and very active neighbor kids.

Receiving greetings from every person that passes on our street or we pass in town; everyone here is so friendly.

Feeling welcome even though the number of white people here could be counted on two hands.

Living next door to great Basotho friends who help us navigate life in this foreign country.

You don't need a prescription for drugs; you just go to the "chemist" and buy what you need (after consulting medical professional friends).

The fresh fruit and veggies in town are amazing... and cheap!

Spending every single day with my kiddos and rarely having anywhere we need to go.

Living within 5 minutes of anywhere we need to go.

Having to plan way ahead when we go further than 5 minutes and are actually around a grocery store.  It makes life go so smoothly to have a plan and not be running back and forth to the grocery.

Hearing the clip clop of Basotho ponies carrying men wearing blankets down the street.

Having good internet reception despite living in the middle of nowhere.

Witnessing my husband's excitement in doing something he is passionate about.

The slow pace of life.

Baking zucchini bread with zucchini fresh out of the garden.

Beautiful sunsets.

Being able to see a crazy number of stars at night.

Positively no traffic, ever.

On the flip side:

Regularly finding spiders in my house which are much larger than I care to deal with.

Living many hours away from nearly everything, especially good medical care.  

The local rooster community which enjoys communicating constantly in the wee hours of the morning.

The unbelievable number of flies.

The electricity going out almost every time there is a thunder storm (which often occurs over the dinner hours....).


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  1. Yaaay, I've been waiting for a blog post for a while, hehe. Your town is so beautiful and dreamy. I really hope I get to visit it one day. I love your 23 things, and the spiders... NOPE.