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Friday, April 5, 2013

31 Weeks

So a few weeks have passed since my last pregnancy post and not much has changed on the pregnancy front.  Except my front…. That has changed.  Little Lady is growing and moving a lot.  I’m getting giddy about meeting her!  With so much else going on, these weeks seem to be going pretty quickly and I know June will be here in a flash.  I go to the doctor again in a little over a week and then I’ll make my “last” appointment for 5 weeks out!  Can’t believe it!

The obligatory belly photo at 31 weeks

Absolutely the most adorable photo shoot assistant in the entire world.  He is a huge Simba and Pumbaa fan these days.

I’m getting nervous about going through labor again…. That certainly wasn’t my favorite part about Kyle’s arrival.  But, I’m stoked because my sister has booked tickets and should be here on May 28th!  That gets her here 10 days before Ellee is due and we are praying the little one stays put until then.  Lacy will care for Kyle while I am delivering and if Ellee comes before that…. Well let’s just say that wouldn’t be an easily navigated situation.  So, hopefully Aunt Lacy arrives in plenty of time and Kyle can hang out with her.  She will be here for nearly two whole months and I can’t describe how excited that makes me!  My mom will come in early July and stay until mid July when she and Lacy will leave together.  Looking forward to visitors and a new baby makes a mama feel kinda anxious! 

To keep my anxious self occupied (as if I don’t have enough other things to do), I’ve been busy this week stitching some sweet onesies for my girl.  I have a few more to do but I figured I’d share these for now.  Remember she is going to be a winter baby here in the Southern hemisphere...

She is going to be unbearably snuggly, I just know it.

Got Milk?

I love the french knot flowers along the neck of this one.....

..... so much that I decided to do them on the pants, too.

Then I did this little one to coordinate with these tiny shoes I bought at the consignment sale back before we knew Kyle was a Kyle.  It doesn't look like it in the picture, but the little knots on the collar are lavender, not dark purple.  

I'm not sure what I'm going to dream up next but I had fun doing these.  Can't wait for her to get here so she can wear them!


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  1. You your mom and Lacy all need to post items on Cradle Moon make it a family business and put it on Etsy. People will pay good money for it.