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Thursday, May 31, 2012

God Loves a Cheerful....

....Cleaner?  Growing up, my family often listened to Steve Green's Hide 'Em in Your Heart cassette tapes in the car.  One of the songs, based on 2 Corinthians 9:7, goes "God loves a cheerful giver, ha ha ha ha ha!"  I couldn't help but think of that this morning as Kyle was "cleaning" the back patio while I caught some warm sun rays.  God loves a cheerful cleaner, ha ha ha ha ha!  Maybe I'll take a cue from my one year old son and try to be a cheerful cleaner today as I'm puttering around the house.

He cleaned so hard, he even broke a sweat!

Cleaning is hard work.

Oops, missed a spot!

Dirty socks and a wet bum must mean the place is looking spit spot!

Kyle's Cleaning Service at your service!

I'm off to clean the bathrooms.  Haven't managed to teach Kyle how to accomplish that task just yet....


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  1. "When I clean the patio, I always coordinate with the mop and lawn chairs."