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Sunday, December 4, 2011

9 Month Mischief

Is he really nine months old already?  It can't have been that long since he turned five months.  Or six months.  Seven?  No.  Surely it hasn't been, has it?

I am absolutely loving watching my baby grow and change.  He is much more difficult to keep up with, certainly, but his curiosity is a treat to watch.  At times, I still find myself wishing I could hold him again when he was so tiny.  It has gone by so quickly.  Sometimes I really do wish I could pause time.  Other times I am so eager to see who he is in there and want to hurry up and hear him talk, watch him walk and see him change from a baby to a toddler.  Nevertheless, time does what it wants, and I am along for the ride.

Daily he tries to pull the books on the shelf and I try offering him his board Bible instead.  That holds his attention for a little while.  Then, back to the shelf he goes, trying to pull off bigger books with flippy pages.  It's cute and bothersome simultaneously.  Oh well, I didn't want to sit down for a second to rest anyways.  I just get back up, correct him and move him away.  He'll learn.  I'll rest..... Never.

Dressing Mr. Baby for bed is always a treat; first, I get to see his little fat belly all rolled over his diaper which goes nearly up to his shoulders in the back.  Precious!  He giggles and "talks" to us as we play with him before bed.

He very much enjoys getting his hair combed.  More often than not, though, he wants to hold the comb himself.  Then, once he is all snuggled in his pj's, I get to cuddle him close for a few minutes before he goes to sleep.  I particularly enjoy these pj's, cause they look like a little clown suit. 

As you can see, we are now sporting six dinosaur teeth.   Each one is pearly white and they all hurt equally when he bites down while nursing.   Fortunately, it typically only happens when he is extra sleepy and his jaw relaxes completely.  Can't blame him much then.  

Teeth are very handy when you want to eat Cheerios for breakfast.   Like this morning....... And yesterday morning....... And the morning before that........

I love this 9 month baby.  He is just too sweet for words.



  1. He is still the cutest baby in the world. We can't get enough of his fat legs and sweet smile. Thanks for updated pics!

    -Uncle Brad and Aunt Hannah

  2. Are you sure there aren't a couple molars up there on top? Sure looks like it in the pics.

    Love my nine month baby.