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Thursday, February 3, 2011


We decided a while back that Kyle would be calling my parents Lollee and Pops.  You see, my mom's name is Laura Lee.  And growing up, we were not allowed to call my dad "pops", as he thought it sounded disrespectful.  So, it only seems fitting that I get my kids to call him that for me.  He has agreed to it, probably because he is tired of arguing with me about it.  Plus, it is just too adorable to pass up - Lollee and Pops.

The fabric line we picked out for Kyle's nursery is called Lollipops.  Unfortunately, Mom and I didn't pick up on it 'cause we're not that observant.  But, once it was pointed out to us, it just made the theme all the more endearing.  I couldn't be happier with how unique and fun everything in his nursery is.

This crib we borrowed from a friend.  After a fresh coat of off-white paint, it looks as good as new.  The bumper pads were designed by me and made by Lollee.  I know it is against "code" at the moment to put a blanket in the crib with a baby, but we all survived it so, I figure he will, too.  Lollee spent too much time hand-stitching this special quilt to leave it folded on the side of the crib.  

(The back)

Above the crib hang these adorable "peek-a-boo" canvases which my sister, Holly, painted.  The animals are taken from the panel wall hanging, which is the overall theme of the room.  

We borrowed someone else's creation of the giraffe and monkey.  But, being determined to have an alligator, we were forced to dream him up on our own.  Thanks to our friend Google and some scratch paper, we think he turned out quite well.


The curtains were also made by Lollee, from the Lollipop line.  From day one, I knew I wanted tab curtains for his room, and she did a great job capturing what I'd hoped for.

Next we have the swing.  This isn't handmade, I'm sorry to say.  But, it was given to us indirectly by Jonathan's sister, Tiffany, and her husband, Josh.  I absolutely love the colors and it's so soft I feel sure he won't want out.

On the night stand beside the rocker is a lamp I found at the Goodwill and gave a coat of spray paint.  The shade I found at Target on clearance and the monkey friend is from Hannah and her mama.  You've already met the K, but now you see where he goes.  I already have my iPod ready to go, I only need to throw some lullabies on it.  In the rocker is a pillow from Lollee for my aching back and a blanket from Lacy for chilly late nights.

An alligator. How perfect. We didn't plan that.

This is a sweet little wall hanging that our dear friends in Mexico brought to us right before we left.  The wife made it.  It says, "God bless you, baby."  I love it.  And I am so glad it was flat so we could get it back to the States easily and carry it around with me until we finally got settled in somewhere.  

Now you see the squiggly mirrors between which that nifty craft I made hangs.  

Can you see me?  I'm not quite narrow enough these days to fit in between things.

The diaper bag was created and assembled by Lollee and monogramed by a friend.  I can't wait to carry this around everywhere I go.  

There's the hospital bag in the works and the super cheap trash can I found in the dollar section at Target.

The dresser we borrowed from my parents and I painted the knobs to add a little personality.  The changing pad Lollee made (are you seeing a pattern yet?).  Above the dresser are watercolor paintings which my sister, Maggie, painted and Lollee matted and framed.

Do notice the coordinating butt paste. (It's really called that.)

Last but not least is an adorable stuffed animal my sister, Lacy crocheted for him.  It is a frog on one side and turns inside out to make a turtle on the other.  Every little boy needs a little double sided animal to play with, don't you think?  Lacy is also working on crocheting a hanger for all of his stuffed animals to go in.

Alright.  Now that the nursery is finished and ready for use, Kyle can come..... Any day now.  The Doc told me today that everything looks good and I am free to go into labor at any time.  Like I have any control over it.  I hope Kyle heard that.  I feel like a kid before Christmas.  No, I am way more excited about this than I ever was about Christmas presents.



  1. Love it allll! So fun! So the Doc says your ready??? Oh boy!!!!!!!! :)

  2. So cute Jonathan and Abby ... although I expect the only thing Jonathan might have done was load & move furniture around and maybe suggest what to go where :) Love it all sweets ... now just to have a little grandson to fill it! PaPa St.Clair

  3. Absolutely adorable Abby! You and Lollee and all the girls did a fabulous job on Kyle's room. Hope Kyle wants to get out of the womb and into his room very soon!

  4. This is so cute, tasteful, and beautifully done. What a perfect little boy room! As blessed as Kyle is to have so many people who love him and are willing to make all these for him, he's even more blessed to have so many people who love Jesus in his life. I know all of you will teach him to love an obey the Lord from the earliest age, and that is the most important thing of all!

  5. I knew Jonathan would help with anything and in anyway he could. God put you two together to compliment each other and that you truly do! We are SO happy for you both and know you will make great parents for Kyle, and we will be blessed with a grandson to join our already grand, granddaughters! Love, PaPa

  6. Kyle told me he loves his room. He especially loves the a-lig-ator above his bed.

  7. Notice this was written almost one month to the day before Kyle was born. The dr. said you could go at any time....

    I miss this room. And that baby. And you.