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Friday, February 5, 2010

Who Needs Raid When You've Got Jade

It may be hard to believe but . . . Here in Mexico, there are a lot of roaches. I know, gasp! I have taken precautionary measures to keep my most despised insects out of our apartment; I've sprayed Raid around all the window frames and the doors and I purposely keep the windows closed at night as that is when the disgusting little pests come out to play! However, no matter how hard I try to prevent their entry - they still manage to sneak their way in. 

My precious amiga, Jade, helps me sleep a bit more soundly, though, because she is quite the little huntress. On multiple occasions, J and I have returned home late in the evening only to find a cucaracha belly up in the middle of our floor with an ever so proud kitty prancing around. How she catches the speedy creepy crawlers is beyond me - I'm doing good to get them with a fly swatta' after a few tries! None the less, I appreciate her efforts more than she knows. She also enjoys pouncing on ants, and I've even seen her reach up and swat a pesky fly against the window. 

She rocks.


  1. Look! She has two different colored eyes! :-)

  2. Oh, I just noticed the title...."Who needs Raid when you've got Jade!" LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!